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Why not rent out a villa in Hirao, a quiet residential area in Fukuoka city?

  • We will serve you an important time with creative dishes using seasonal ingredients.

    It can be used for parties, meals, meetings, etc.

    For reservations and inquiries, please contact us by phone.
location#201, 5-16-18 Hirao, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City
Reservations/Inquiries(092) 281-1811(Reisenkaku Hotel Kawabata)


  • User guide

    SK HIRAO SANSO is located in a quiet location at 5-chome, Hirao, Chuo-ku.
    One room is completely reserved when you use it, so it is ideal for private gatherings.
    Please spend a time with your loved ones with delicious food and our hospitality.
  • For parties and meals

    ■Lunch course food:From ¥ 4,400 (tax included)
    ■Dinner course food:From ¥ 6,600 (tax included)
    ■Children's menu:¥ 2,200 (tax included) ~
    ■All-you-can-drink:¥ 2,200 (tax included) ~
    【Cooking content】
    We will prepare French, Japanese and Western kaiseki cuisine, Italian, Chinese, etc. according to your budget and request.
    Please feel free to contact us.
  • When using in a meeting

    ■Use for 3 hours:¥23,000(Tax included)
    Excess(Every hour):¥6,500(Tax included)

    ■Number of guests
    Indoor only:30 people/Use of balcony:70 people
    *Chairs, tables and cloths will be charged separately.
  • About parking lot

    Parking:Complete with 3 units
    Fare:Free *Please be sure to let us know in advance if you want to use it.