【Official】Reisenkaku Hotel Kawabata

Hakata base to enjoy Hakata, Nakasu and Tenjin.

Hotels Kawabata area located in the Hakata Gion Yamakasa familiar Hakata of the total tutelary Kushida Shrine (aka, your Kushida's) including,
Show the bustle of "Hakata Gion Gion Yamakasa and the national's leading man of the blood of Hakata is fussing plays the history, culture and tradition of Hakata as the birthplace of such as Hakata Dontaku".
In addition, one of downtown Nakasu and Canal City Hakata Kyushu, such as Hakataza Theater, is a very convenient location is in the spot are all within walking distance to represent the Hakata
Enjoy the atmosphere of Hakata between business and sightseeing.

Efforts to prevent Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)

  • About our efforts to prevent Novel Coronavirus Infection

    Reisenkaku Hotel, we put the health and safety of our customers and employees first.
    We also take infection control measures so that you can use our hotel with peace of mind.

    For details, please check the link below.

A space of peace and relaxation

  • Guest Room Information

    We have 6 types of guest rooms that can be used by one person or a family for business and sightseeing.
    All guest rooms have been renewed in 2018.


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Reisenkaku Hotel Kawabata


8-21 Kamikawabata Town, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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・JR Hakata Station 15-minute walk from JR Hakata Station (Hakata Exit).
・3 minutes walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station (Exit 5) on the municipal subway.
・5 minutes by car from Fukuoka Urban Expressway Gofukumachi Lamp.
・5 minutes by car from Fukuoka City Expressway Chiyo Ramp.
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  • online store

    Online store of Reisenkaku Hotel.
    We have commercialized the taste of Reisenkaku Hotel, which has been loved by everyone for many years, so that you can enjoy it "more closely" and "easier".
    The chef made it carefully and seriously without cutting corners.
    All are easy to cook and ready to eat.
    Please enjoy eating.

Reisenkaku Hotel Point Card

  • Reisenkaku Hotel Ekimae, Kawabata deals card that can be used in both the store!

    No admission fee or annual membership fee!
    Issued on the same day!
    Permanent point!
    For more information, please check the link below and contact the front desk to enroll.

Reisenkaku Hotel Sister Store

  • Reisenkaku Hotel Ekimae

    Hakata Station 5-minute walk from Hakata Station, the town of Gion retains the atmosphere of Hakata.
    As a base for business, sightseeing, events, etc.
    We will meet the needs of our customers with reasonable prices and a blessed environment.


If you have any questions, please contact us.